Tortured Innocence is my debut novel, which I plan to launch in August. Maybe I should say I plan to relaunch this book. I initially published the book in 2017, but I was still learning all the ins and outs of self publishing. All I could think was that I wanted my book published. I published it, but I did not know how to market it and get it into the hands of readers who would love my book. 

This is why I’m relaunching the book. This time I know I am going to do so much better. 

Here is a synopsis of my book:
Nicole faced a horrific tragedy at a young age. Ten years later, everything seems to be okay. She is happy with her life and she feels content. This quickly begins to change when she receives disturbing letters that appear from nowhere and voices haunt her waking thoughts. The voices say the most disturbing things. Her nightmares feel more and more real. She has no idea why this is happening to her.

What is lurking in the shadows? Maybe the better question is who?

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