Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I can’t get enough of the spooky atmosphere. I love to enhance this by reading lots of creepy horror books. If you are looking for a great read, I highly reccomend checking out Cursed Legacy by Harriet Everend. Grab your copy here

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Book blurb for Cursed Legacy-

Learning the truth of a mysterious home their families have shared for years, four bloodlines come face to face with a frightening reality that soon leaves them haunted—and hunted. A sinister force brews in the spaces between these walls, and hell will rise if ever He’s allowed to have His way.

Darkness climbing. No escape in sight. The HELM, an ancient relic imbued with power might just be their ticket to salvation until its eldritch forces backfire, digging them deeper into the grasp of the enemy.

Treachery looms as evil weaves its way into the minds of the vulnerable. And while the menace seeks to divide and conquer, families are forced to sever old bonds and sacrifice whatever – or whoever – they must, to survive.

Now, plunged into the heart of evil and strapped for time, embattled bloodlines seek and gather every magical defense they can acquire to stall the advance of their infernal adversary into the realms of man.

But like them, their enemy is not alone, and his underlings are just as bloodthirsty as HIM.

Here is my review of the book-

This book started off on a strong scary note and right from the first chapter I knew this book would be a horrific treat!
After several chapters I found myself wondering if any character was safe?

Dark events are followed by more darkness and more death. There are many haunting visual descriptions and if the words aren’t enough (which I think they are) there are also amazing illustrations.

I’d say this book is plot driven and builds the horror as the plot progresses. My only complaint is I thought some of the characters might have been overshadowed by the plot, and I felt like it was challenging to picture some of them, or just to keep track of characters as the plot progressed. There are a lot of characters.

Having said that the book is still descriptive, it’s got a lot of gory/sinister details,and has all kinds of scenes which will stick in your mind
Many creepy dolls
Dark chasms
The realms of hell
And other dark beasts.

This is not a book you want to be reading before bedtime because it gets under your skin, creeps you out and you’re just not going to sleep after.

Highly recommend for any lovers of horror and anyone who’s looking for a dark, action packed, exciting read.
Fantastic debut book and I look forward to reading more from this author.