Royal Blood Interview

Royal Blood Interview

My guest today is Calgary author Simon Rose, who has published eighteen novels for
children and young adults, eight guides for writers, more than a hundred nonfiction
books, and many articles on a wide variety of topics. Today, we’re looking at his latest
release, Royal Blood, the second novel in the Stone of the Seer series.
So remind us about the Stone of the Seer series. What’s it all about?

The Stone of the Seer is an exciting historical fantasy series for young adults, primarily
set during the English Civil War in the mid-seventeenth century. The Stone of the Seer, is
the first book in the series. At Habingdon House, Lady Elizabeth Usborne, Kate, and
Tom discover a magical black stone, mysterious ancient manuscripts, and the tempus
inpectoris, an incredible time viewing device. They are also in grave danger from Daniel
Tombes, who has a fearsome reputation as a witchfinder.
And without giving too much away, what can readers look forward to in the second

In Royal Blood, Lady Elizabeth, Kate, and Tom move to London in the middle of the
Civil War, experiencing the great political changes taking place at the time, including the
trial and execution of Charles I. They are also still under threat from Tombes, who is also
in the city. The story has many twists and turns, and I doubt if any of the readers will
expect the novel’s cliffhanger ending.

And then they’ll have to wait for the third book?
Yes, they certainly will. I’m hoping that Revenge of the Witchfinder, the final novel and
the conclusion of the story, will be published later this year. After that, people will be
able to buy all three books in the series.

And what’s the story behind the story?
The story, main characters, and some of the settings in Royal Blood are fictional, but like
in The Stone of the Seer, they’re based on real events and historical characters, such as
King Charles I, appear in the story. The English Civil War broke out as a result of the
struggle between Charles I and Parliament, regarding how the country should be
governed. The king’s defeat in the war was followed by his trial and execution in January 1649.

The monarchy was abolished and replaced first by the Commonwealth of England
and then the Protectorate. However, although the monarchy was restored in 1660, in the
person of Charles II, his father’s defeat confirmed that an English monarch couldn’t rule
the country without the consent of Parliament. This was eventually legally established in
1688 after the Glorious Revolution.

Did you conduct extensive historical research for this book, as you did with the first

Although the English Civil War is a time period I’ve always been interested in, I still
engaged in lots of research. I needed to study what life was like in seventeenth century
London, the political and religious beliefs that were around at the time, the influence of
real witchfinders such as Matthew Hopkins and others like him, and of course the trial
and execution of Charles I. The trial itself was very well recorded and I was able to
ensure that the words spoken by both the king and his accusers were accurate. There were
also many witnesses to the execution, so I was able to include established facts about that
aspect as well.
As I did in The Stone of the Seer, I’ve included a glossary at the end of Royal Blood,
where readers can learn more about the events, settings, and leading characters from the
era, locations that are mentioned in the text, life in the seventeenth century, and about
other historical periods that are featured in the story. On my website, there’s also a page
with details about the historical background behind the books, with links to online
sources about the time period.

Do you have any current projects?
Right now I’m working on another historical fantasy novel series, this time set in the
early years of World War II. I’m also working on another series of paranormal novels, in
the same genre as my previously published series that includes Flashback, Twisted Fate,
and Parallel Destiny. You can learn more about those books at In
addition, I’m in the early stages of another couple of historical projects, and am also
working on some screenplays, including adaptations of my Shadowzone series, and on
several other topics.

Do you still work with other authors as well?
Yes, I offer coaching, editing, consulting, and mentoring services for writers of novels,
short stories, fiction, nonfiction, biographies, inspirational books, and in many other
genres, plus work with writers of scripts and screenplays. I’m also a writing instructor at
the University of Calgary and served as the Writer-in-Residence with the Canadian
Authors Association. You can find details of some of the projects I’ve worked on with
other authors, along with references and recommendations, at

So where can people buy Royal Blood and The Stone of the Seer?
The novel can be purchased at most of the usual places, as follows:
Royal Blood
Ebook: Amazon Canada, Amazon USA, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes and NobleSmashwords
Paperback: Amazon Canada, Amazon USA

The Stone of the Seer
Ebook: Amazon CanadaAmazon USAKoboiBooks, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords 

Paperback: Amazon Canada, Amazon USA

Thanks Simon, for being my guest here today and the very best of luck with Royal Blood
and the Stone of the Seer series. I hope the books sell thousands and thousands of copies
in the coming weeks and months.
You can learn more about Simon and his work on his website at,
where you can also link to his social media sites and other locations online.

N.Dune Author Interview

N.Dune Author Interview

First off please introduce yourself to the readers

Hi there my name is Natalie, most people call me Nat. I write under the pen name N Dune because I like to keep my author and private lives separate. I have three children ranging from the eldest who is 22 this year to the youngest who turns 11 in June. My husband is my best friend and he alpha reads all of my books, even though romance is not something he would normally read. I live in the south west of England with my little family and three elderly cats.

1.) Where would you say your ideas come from? What’s your writing process like?

 I usually see a scene in my head, the characters start to show me what’s happening. I never plot so when I sit down to write I have no idea what’s going to happen. Often I’m as surprised as everyone else.

2) What fictional character would you like to go on a date with?

If it was one of my characters I would have to say Jay, he is my absolute favourite. Maybe because he was my first. If we are talking about characters from other authors’ books, that would be a crazy busy date because there would be so many of us. I fall in love with book boyfriends on a regular basis.

3.)How did you celebrate after publishing your first book?

After my first book was published, my hubs and I had some bubbly and a nice meal. It was a special occasion as I’d worked so hard to write and publish that one. I had no idea what I was doing and thankfully had a lot of help from fellow authors, who gave me advice and encouraged me to follow my dream.

What does your editing process look like?

4) My editing process has improved over time. I don’t think there is any set way to do it but what I do works for me. I write and Grammarly as I go. Then read through and edit till I’m happy. After that, I give it to my husband, who reads and edits the grammar/spelling and questions anything that doesn’t make sense. Then I have amazing Beta readers who give me feedback, and finally, I send it to my fantastic editor.

5.) Do you have any deleted scenes you’d like to enlighten the readers about?

 Strangely enough, no, I never delete scenes. When you read my book, you see the scenes exactly as I wrote them, with polish from editing and Beta reading, of course. Maybe the odd word or sentence goes, but I don’t delete chunks out, at least, I haven’t so far.

6) Does real life get in the way of writing?

Yes, real-life often gets in the way of writing 😂 I have a part-time job, but it takes a lot of my time and energy, plus three kids and a house to run. Sometimes days will go by when I don’t write at all, but I make a point of reading every day, usually at night on those busy days. My mind is too fried at night to write.

7) What books have inspired you?

Now, that’s a tricky question. I don’t really have books that inspire me. I love books, I love characters and stories but do they inspire me in real life or inspire me to write? No, I wouldn’t say that they do. I read a lot of dark romance, and for me, reading is a form of escapism. The books I read give me the courage to just let things happen and not worry about what other people may think about what I am writing.

8) How do you come up with titles?

 Sometimes titles will come to me as I write, other times, it takes a while. My cover designer came up with titles for two of the books I hope to release this year. One was on the pre-made I purchased from her to write a duet, and the other she helped with when I gave her my title, which doesn’t really fit the story. Generally, though, I have to start writing the book before a title emerges. I rarely think of them before I’ve started on a book.

9) What are your thoughts on covers and do you judge a book by its cover?

Lol, yes I’m afraid I do. I’m a big cover Hoe and I admit it. I love covers that is what attracts me to them and I rarely read blurbs unless I’m checking if it’s an RH because I love those. Also, I avoid clean romance unless I’m beta reading for a friend, so I check blurbs for an indication that I’m not going to be disappointed. I love shiny covers with lots of colours but I also like dramatic ones too. I’m particularly fond of gorgeous men on covers but equally a beautiful object cover will turn my head and have me checking the book out.

10.) What is your favourite part about writing?

 I have a few favourite parts. I love being so immersed in my writing that I have no idea what time of day it is. I love typing the final sentence and knowing that I’ve completed another book. I even love it when I start crying because the scene I’m writing is so emotional. But one of the many things I love is someone else reading my book and saying that they loved it. That makes me all gooey inside.

Find Nat’s books here

Interview with Amber Night

Interview with Amber Night

First off before all the official questions, could you please introduce yourself and share any facts about yourself you’re comfortable sharing.

Hi! I’m Amber. I’m an interracial romance author, poet, and dancer. I write of love which fractures and repairs. Of yearning which hangs densely in the air. Of dark depths and of light. With spice. 😉   

Seriously, my stories dance to their own tune and won’t quite fit in boxes. So if you’re after something a bit off the beaten path, I’m definitely your woman!

My debut novel Within You and its spicy sequel novella Into the Woods are out now. Both free on Kindle Unlimited. You can also grab a free short-story prequel to get a taste for my writing by signing up to my newsletter. All links here:

Oh, and do follow me on instagram! @ambernightauthor

1.) Where did your writing begin, was there a catalyst that sparked all of this?

I’ve told myself stories for as long as I can remember, really. I started writing fanfiction as a teenager and spent many years on and off in various fandoms writing various things (but always with a focus on romance) and learning a lot about the craft. I worked in non-fiction writing/editing roles for a while and only had the energy for the odd poem scribbled on my phone. Then, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I desperately longed for some romance which represented my relationship a bit better and found it hard to find any. I dreamt the rough plot of Within You in a pregnancy hormone dream, and thus the idea was born. (Although I didn’t start writing it until my daughter was almost 2.) 

2.) During your childhood was being a writer something that ever crossed your mind?

I’m not sure it did! I read a lot, but as a child (as opposed to a teenager) I think I mainly wanted to be an astronaut. (So disappointed when I realised my motion sickness rather put paid to that.)

3.) What do your family and friends think about your books?”

That’s too generic a question, lol. They’ve jointly been incredibly supportive, but of course each person takes something different from their reading. A couple of my closest friends who I met through writing in the past are probably my biggest fans. Some others told me that they hadn’t had a chance to read in years and yet picked up and loved my book—that felt so very special. I’ve actually put my brothers on a reading ban for my novella because I decided it was too spicy. xD And last but not least, my husband reliably informs me that there’s just a lot of romance in my romance. Damn it. Caught out again. 

4.) Do you like to listen to music when you write or do you prefer the sound of silence?

Absolute silence is a must. I get a lot of inspiration from music as I wander about and listen to it whilst daydreaming, but I can’t complete complex thinky tasks with background noise. Ask me sometime how well that fits in with mumlife. (Not! xD)

5.) What’s your relationship with your characters like? Are they cooperative muses?

Depends on the character! And on me and where I’m personally at. Sometimes they ride me hard and push me to get a story down faster than my time allows, sometimes I need to listen to them more patiently. Right now they’re proving recalcitrant. But life has kept pulling me out of the flow, so that never helps.

6.) Which celebrities would be perfect to play your characters?

I joke a lot about Idris Elba (I mean, look at that man!), but the truth is, I’m not much of a celeb person. I don’t even know who half of them are or remember their names. Sorry. XD Nor am I very visual, in fact. My characters all incorporate elements of real people in one way or another (although they are not any one particular person), so sometimes I have stronger mental pictures based on that, but I don’t want to cage them, either. I want my readers to be free to see who THEY see. 

7.) If someone robbed you of your emotions, do you think you could still be a writer?

No. Unless we’re talking technical writing, lol. 

I believe that all art is ultimately driven by emotional expression. And that emotion is our fundamental connection point as human beings. I notice this every time I go (social, partner-) dancing—I can connect with people there who are so vastly different from me that in any other setting we might struggle to have a conversation. But the music and the emotion in the music still ties us together like an invisible thread. Dancing is non-verbal communication.

Writing is more abstract an art, because it’s verbal communication, so it’s open to interpretation. But emotion remains the connecting thread.

8.) How much of yourself do you put into your characters?

I am many people. Lol. 

I mean, can we truly express what isn’t already inside us in some way? Even those aspects of humanity we choose to reject and NOT allow to be part of our personalities are still a shadow of potential in our minds somehow. Including the grittier, darker aspects of humanity. Writing is just one way to explore that, I think. To connect with the wholeness of human potential, for better or for worse. 

So yes, I’m in all my characters in that way, and they’re all in me. Just as they all contain pieces of people I’ve met, but they’re not them. 

But we’re all connected anyway. Just like you and me. 

9.) What’s your favourite part about being a writer?

I love those moments of flow, when the story almost tells itself. When that connection to the characters is open and real and it allows me to dive deep, to explore and process both myself and the world around me through the act of creation. When puzzle pieces you hadn’t even consciously put in place randomly line up and slot together into a whole. (This happened to me with the deeper storyline beneath Into the Woods, and it was magical.) It’s really something special. 

10.) Finally, what do readers have to look forward to in the future?

I’m currently working on my second historical romance, set in Victorian London. I’ve one Victoriana already complete—the one with the MC who rode me hard 😉 ;)—but as I write sloooowly, I wanted to make sure I’ve got something to follow it before I put it out there. 

Once we get there, expect dramatic cliffs in the Cornish countryside, a tortured, reclusive hero with a seductive streak a mile wide and a working class heroine trying to come to terms with her past. 

In the meantime, please check out my existing books! And let me know if you enjoy anything in them. 🙂

Valentine’s Day Book Recommendations

Valentine’s Day Book Recommendations

Valentine’s Day Romance Recommendations

Today is Valentine’s Day! It’s one of my favourite holidays of the year. To celebrate Valentine’s Day I want to provide you with some awesome book recommendations from my favourite indie authors. Who needs a dozen roses when I’ve got a dozen romance book recommendations.

First up on my list is Amber Night

1.) Amber is an interracial romance author who dreams of the day when the invisible boundaries which separate us need not exist at all. A poet by heart, she explores the depths of what it means to be human. She looks beneath the surface differences which divide us to find the common ground which unites us in our struggles to be seen. She’s also partial to a hefty dose of sensuality and steam. She lives in London with her husband and her daughter. And if she isn’t writing, you’ll probably find her dancing.

Amber has two books available Within You and Into the Woods. These books are steamy, slow burn, dystopian romances.

Find her books here

Next up

2.)T.L Quin who is a contemporary romance of eight amazing romance books. Her books bring in a touch of humour which is always appreciated and she provides a variety of hot book boyfriends to keep you company if you’re on your own today, or these handsome men can fuel your fantasies with your real life partner.

Find her books here

3.) Erin Mc Luckie Moya

Born and raised in South Africa, Erin thrived on stories and the art of story telling. A long stint in marketing saw her move across the world, settling in rural North Italy with her Husband, two children and a cat.

She now hones her craft of story telling in creating tales that she herself would want to read.

Erin reads as much as she writes and enjoys giving ramblings and opinions on books on her Instagram feed.

Her stories are almost always guaranteed to include magic and elements of mythology, taking the reader into realms of the unknown.

Erin is an empress in and of her own right. She delivers books with sexy tarot themes, biker clubs, secret societies, and so much more. Her writing is brilliant and imaginative.

Find her books here


V.B. Emanuele is an award-winning author/editor who began writing professionally for a serial, visual story app, under the username VioletBlue. She quickly found herself wanting to expand her art, and wrote her first online novel, The Veil, in 2019. After the rapid success of the book, she released several more online novels before deciding she wanted to publish them. Just Business was the first book to launch the Club Euphoria Novels and Violet’s publishing debut.

She has lived in both Europe and the United States and obtained a Fine Arts degree and English Literature degree. When she is not writing or reading, she can be found active outdoors, participating in fitness challenges and events, cooking, or traveling.

“The greatest peace I ever discovered, was stepping away from the expectation of others and creating my own future.” – V.B. Emanuele

She’s got some absolutely hot novels Grab a towel because she brings the heat.

Find her books here

5.) Pixie Auri is a Brazilian author who loves romance, awkwardness, and humor. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her working on her other job or performing in the circus as an aerialist.

She’s got two books available. A word of praise: The Billionaire’s Aerialist and the second is her most recent book called Her Renegade Dragon. Have you ever dreamed of running off to the circus or entering a fantasy world with dragons? Well, Pixie has the perfect books for you.

6.) Love is great and all, but my next author is all about the hate and the love. Grab your tissues because her books will make you wet in more ways than one.

R&C Christiansen is a proud Canadian husband and wife team, although Mrs. Christiansen does the majority of the authoring and Mr. C does the mentoring & proofreading. Together they write dark/erotic romance novels and enjoy reading the same genres when they have time. When the Mrs., is not busy authoring, mothering, or wife-ing, she likes to indulge in a glass of wine, kick back, and think dirty thoughts hoping to inspire the next story within.

She’s got multiple amazing books but the best place to start is with her Tainted Love complete trilogy. The characters feel so real, I have trouble believing they aren’t real.

Check out the amazing books here

7.) Want to read something dark… and I mean really dark and really hot. Meet Monique Edenwood.

Her bio states-

I am the writer of the Black Oak series, the first novel of which is Enter The Black Oak.

I absolutely love helping people escape their daily lives for a short while with the help of some intrigue, suspense and some smoking hot fictional boyfriends! I also love to explore the deep guts of relationships as well as the trauma which shapes us all to some degree.

I am a British-Canadian author based in Vancouver, British Columbia and when I’m not reading or writing, I love hiking and cycling around beautiful Vancouver. I’m also an epic fantasy geek and lover of 80’s and 90’s music.

I love when people reach out to me, so please feel free to contact me via my website or my Facebook page

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!

Step inside the Black Oak and meet the absolutely drool worthy men. Jack, Cam, Sebastian. Well, I’m obsessed with them all.

Find her books here

8.) What do you want to experience… C.G Miller has the perfect books for you. The X-Perience is a book describng a way for people to live out their most deviant fantasies with just the click of the button.

C.G Miller was born in San Diego, California. At a young age, her family relocated to a rural area in Nevada where she still resides with her husband and three children. C.G Miller breaks down all the walls in her writing to take you on a journey into the minds of her characters. As an Indie Author, she brings her stories to life creating a truly twisted and dark world that will enthrall you. Her stories aren’t for the faint of heart. Read with caution.

When she isn’t writing, she is enjoying time with her family. She also likes to read, listen to music, and play video games.

Find her books here

9.) Lynn Rhys is a talented author with a range of books that deal with important themes such as escaping abusive relationships, body image issues, self love and so much more. Along with the important messages she delivers some seriously steamy book boyfriends. A personal favourite of mine is Ryker from Safe with Me. Sometimes we just want to be saved.

Find her books here

10.) Sometimes we want to read a sweet clean romance with a really good message. If this sounds like your cup of tea than Rebecca Lange is your author.

Rebecca is a Christian romance writer who focuses on clean YA Fiction, Christian Fantasy, and Historical Fiction as her preferred genre categories. Her romance-inspired novels quickly turn into romantic suspense thrillers since she likes to add a bit of everything to her novels: drama, heartbreak, humor, suspense, lots of sarcasm, and playfulness/ sass (a must for her since she is fluent in both), inspirational thoughts, religious beliefs and faith in God. She also likes to address difficult topics people don’t like to talk about because, in her words: “Only when we speak about these issues can we make a change.”

Bullying, racism, sexual harassment, abuse, human trafficking, drug and alcohol addictions are just some of the topics she tackles straightforward and without sugarcoating. She doesn’t believe in avoiding issues because they are uncomfortable. Her beliefs, views, and opinions on those issues are presented in her books how she feels about them. Her characters are her voice. She calls it as she sees it. Her main characters usually have a strong belief in God – either in general or inspired by the author’s faith.

Find her books here

11.) Next up on my list is Chloe Elizabeth.

Chloe Elizabeth is a Romance Author who mainly writes paranormal books.

She is a college student studying to become a nurse. When Chloe is not studying or writing, she is either reading a book, playing ultimate frisbee, or taking pictures.

She has a sweet romance book called his Blind Mate. It’s a treat to see sweet paranormal romance book.

Find her book here

12.) Do you want to escape the mundane aspects of life? Do you love the water? Do you want some amazing well written romance books, then N. Dune is the author for you.

N Dune is a British author who lives with her husband and three children in the South West of England. Having spent years ignoring the voices in her head, she is finally letting them out to tell their stories. A true pantser, she allows her characters full rein and takes you on their journey with little control over what they want to happen.

N Dune writes steamy contemporary, fantasy and paranormal romance, often with a dark twist and usually full of angst. All of her books are written, for the most part, in British English, with occasional word exceptions in some.

Find her books here

To end this blog post, I just want to say Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you enjoy these book recommendations.

Summoning Author Interview

Interview questions

Please introduce yourself and describe your role in the Summoning project.

I’m Dr. Stuart Knott. I came up with the idea of The Summoning, mapped out the main plot, wrote the character of Frederick Brandis and his short story, The Peak, and wrote the vast majority of Mikhail Orlov’s character.  

1. Which of your co-authors would you stay in a haunted house with?

I’d probably stay in there with Harriet; I’m we could distract ourselves with horror films or just general tomfoolery, and that she’d face down any spooky ghouls without any hesitation. 

2. If you had to enter a horror movie right now and had to choose one character from the book, who would you choose?

I’d probably choose Mikhail. Not for his rousing company or people skills, but as a sacrificial lamb in case the worst should happen. Best case scenario would be stumbling across his dismembered body and taking it as a sign that it’s time to leave! 

3. Is there a scene from the book that scares you the most?

There’s a few chilling scenes in the book but I’m quite biased and found the horrors Brandis writes about in his short story quite scary. Basically, a group of friends are trapped in a snowstorm and haunted by an onryō, a mythological spirit from Japanese folklore. I was very much inspired by the Grudge and Ring movies and I wanted to try and capture that otherworldly, ethereal horror that could go from alluring to terrifying in a heartbeat. 

4. Are there any horror subjects that you’d be hesitant to write about?

Not off the top of my head. Probably subjects I don’t really know a lot about or require a great deal of medical insight, like pathogens and epidemics and the like. I’ve never really written anything that’s properly sadomasochistic or Lovecraftian, or anything too splatter-horror, so maybe that’s something to look into! 

5. Do you have personal fears that influence your work?

Occasionally, yeah. A lot of my personality makes it into my work, including my likes and dislikes and fears. In The Summoning, I tried to capture the feeling of a couple of nightmares I’ve had before that were about a suffocating, endless, malevolent blackness and infuse it with a central figure, something elusive and vindictive, just lurking behind it all.  

6. Who would be an ideal celebrity to play your character?

If he loses some weight, grows out his hair and beard, and messies himself up a bit, I reckon Aaron Taylor-Johnson could be a good fit.  

7. Is there anything more you’d like to share about your character?

Brandis is in a bad place at the start of the book; all he has left to shoot for in his life is his writing, and he’s not been able to make anything of it so he’s very disillusioned and depressed. He isn’t the type of guy who just expects things to be given to him, but he’s put everything he has into his writing and has nothing to show for it. He’s often overlooked by others, despite the fact that he has a lot to say, and has an uncanny ability to rile people up just by being in the room, all of which weighs heavily on him and swamps him with self-doubt. 

8. What is your favourite part about writing horror?

I like the freedom it offers; you can really go nuts with horror and indulge in the darkest parts of your imagination without limit. It has so many layers and possibilities and can applied to all kinds of subjects, from psychological horror to supernatural, slashers, home invasions, science-fiction… It’s just such a fantastically diverse genre and I really enjoy exploring it in different ways. 

9. If you were to have a big writing retreat, where would be your ideal location to have it?

Ironically, it wouldn’t be anywhere too isolated as I’d need a stable internet connection for my downtime! I’d probably just go somewhere away from hometown distractions, maybe down to the beach or something so I could hit the arcades to relax! 

10. Are you like the character you created in any way?

Oh, absolutely, yeah. Not physically (this may be the first time my character doesn’t physically resemble me) but he’s all of my neurosis and doubts dialled up to eleven. All the frustrations I’ve had with writing and the whole process are reflected in Brandis, and he’s basically me at my very lowest, without any snark and having completely given up on trying to make a good impression. 

11. If you were going to LaVey House what would you bring?

A wi-fi booster! 

12. Are there any specific songs that inspired your writing?

There actually was; when writing for The Summoning, I found Breaking Benjamin’s “Never Again” really hit home for me, and “Shadows” by Red. 

13. Would you like to share any final thoughts on the project?

Honestly, I have no idea that it would be as big a sit ended up being. Originally, it was just going to be a way for me to dust off some old, under-developed ideas but, thanks to Harriet pushing me, it grew into a really exciting project with some very creative people involved. It’s been a very different process, one that I hope everyone has enjoyed and learned something from, and I’m really excited to help shine a light on indie authors everywhere through it.

Hello, I’m Harriet Everend, and I am a co-author who wrote Aster Callahan’s parts in ‘The Summoning’.

1. Which of your co authors would you stay in a haunted house with?

Do I have the option to pick all? Greater chance in numbers and such, haha. Otherwise, I think I’d rather go at it alone…because I’m a bit insane like that!

2. If you had to enter a horror movie right now and had to choose one character from the book who would you choose? In all fairness, I’d choose my own character (Aster) and to avoid spoilers, if you know, you know why I choose her.

3. Is there a scene from the book that scares you the most? There are two specifically, but the one I’ll go with is when Mikhail’s wife murders their son and he is powerless to stop it from happening. Probably not the scariest scene in the book, but after reading it, it definitely hit something inside my soul.

4.)Are there any horror subjects that you’d be hesitant to write about? 

Yeah – I could never write splatter punk or really graphic torture scenes (I avoid movies like Terrifier and Hostel, for example.)

5.)Do you have personal fears that influence your work?

Not sure if you call it a fear per say, but after enduring some traumatic personal events and the fear of absolute abandonment play a significant factor in my horror pieces.

6.)Who would be an ideal celebrity to play (insert character)

An ideal celebrity to play Aster…that’s really hard. I would have to choose Emma Stone or Hayden Panettiere.

7.) Is there anything more you’d like to share about your character?

Aster knows her fiance is a horrible person and has been wanting to leave him for at least a year, but combined with abandonment issues and a belief that everyone has good inside them, she thinks she can try to change him for the better

8.) What is your favourite part about writing horror? 

I like to scare people when they least expect it. They think they might be reading a nice, innocent little story…then BOOM! Someone’s horrific death or a terrible scenario happens, changing the tone of the whole book for the reader. But by that point, they’re so drawn in, they can’t stop reading until they finished the book.

9.) If you were to have a big writing retreat where would be your ideal location to have it?

Internationally: would love to have it somewhere in Norway or maybe Tokyo. Domestically: at a lodge near Glacier National Park, Montana.

10.) Are you like the character you created in any way? 

Aster is about 75% real life me. A lot of her quirks and traits were either actual bits of me, extensions of myself or extensions of friends I have. The remaining 25% is bits and pieces taken from real people I know and their relationships/experiences.

11.) If you were going to Lavey house what would you bring?

Let’s pretend I don’t know about the horrors that await me inside LaVey House: two suitcases full of clothes and other necessities, laptop, lots of notebooks and pepper spray…because you can never be too sure.

12.) Are there any specific songs that inspired your writing? 

  1. While I don’t like to listen to music while I write, I do pull inspiration from a variety of artists: Disturbed, Muse, Five Finger Death Punch, Red Sun Rising, Die Antwoord to name a few.

13.) Would you like to share any final thoughts on the project. 

I think it went really well and I loved working with all my co-writers/contributors and if I had the opportunity to do this again, I would definitely take that chance!


Please introduce yourself and describe your role within the summoning project.

My name is Jessica Huntley, I’m 33, currently live in Edinburgh and am a stay at home mum to a nearly 3 year old. I was offered one of the lead writer roles for the project. I wrote the character of Rhiannon Hughes, all her dialogue and the short story “The Devil’s Graveyard”. I’ve also been doing some of the marketing posts for the project, helped design the front cover and completed the formatting for the book.

1. Which of your co authors would you stay in a haunted house with?

Well, considering I’m such a big wimp when it comes to haunted houses and Stuart apparently isn’t afraid of anything, I’d have to say Stuart! Seriously…if any of the others said they’d want to stay in a haunted house with me…then it’s the biggest mistake they’ll make, because I’d spend the entire time screaming!

2. If you had to enter a horror movie right now and had to choose one character from the book who would you choose?

Definitely my character, Rhiannon Hughes. She’s actually quite tough and I feel like she’d be good with a weapon (although Aster is decent with a sword…to find that out read the book).

3. Is there a scene from the book that scares you the most?

The scene where Brandis is attacked by the ghoul-like-creature. It’s similar to the woman in The Grudge horror movies and those films scare the life out of me. When I read that scene for the first time I got chills. Also Rhiannon’s death at the end is pretty gruesome (without giving too much away I have a severe fear of what kills her…and that’s why I wanted to keep it in).

4. Are there any horror subjects that you’d be hesitant to write about?

Not really. I’ll happily write anything horror related. I may get freaked out by things I read sometimes, but it wouldn’t stop me writing about it. In fact, I think it makes what I write more real if there’s some emotion behind it.

5. Do you have personal fears that influence your work?

I do have several phobias (heights, spiders, vomit, flying) and I’ve also suffered with mental health issues in the past. I always try and bring some sort of relevant experience to my writing, so if that happens to be something I’m afraid of then I’ll use that on the page.

6. Who would be an ideal celebrity to play Rhiannon?

Oooh…I never like these questions because I can never think of anyone! But I’m thinking maybe Reese Witherspoon or maybe Rachel McAdams or Katie Holmes. 

7. Is there anything more you’d like to share about your character?

Rhiannon does act like a bit of a bitch in the later parts of the book, but don’t let that tarnish what you think of her. Also I’ve based her background on my own upbringing and her short story is actually based on a real graveyard and legend in the village where I grew up.

8.What is your favourite part about writing horror?

This is my first proper horror book I’ve been a part of, although my debut novel The Darkness Within Ourselves does include elements of horror. I like to push boundaries and scare myself. Hell, when I was writing my debut novel I had dreams about The Creature for weeks! Not everyone can relate to horror, not everyone enjoys it, but I think getting out of your comfort zone once a while is good for you.

9. If you were to have a big writing retreat where would be your ideal location to have it?

Definitely not LaVey House! It would be a nice little cabin in the country somewhere, near a lake, away from hordes of people.

10. Are you like the character you created in any way?

Yes! As mentioned in question 8, I based her upbringing on my own. I’m not Rhiannon’s age, but I do like to keep fit (although not running…lifting weights instead). 

11. If you were going to Lavey house what would you bring?

A weapon…and a notebook.

12. Are there any specific songs that inspired your writing?

So this is an interesting question because I hear of so many writers who say that songs inspire them and they have a particular soundtrack to the book they’re writing, but I don’t. I need silence when I write! So no…I’m not a big music fan anyway.

13.. Would you like to share any final thoughts on the project.

Just that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with other authors on this book and I think it’s very different to anything you’ll ever read. It’s an anthology of stories…but also a novel. If you’re looking for something different…this is it.

First off please introduce yourself and describe your role in the Summoning?

My name is Shantel Brunton and I wrote the short story It’s all in your head. This is the short story for Mikhail. 

1.)Which of your co authors would you stay in a haunted house with?

I think I’d choose Stuart. I know he’s watched  a lot of horror movies and written some fantastic horror books. I think he’d make good decisions. 

2.)If you had to enter a horror movie right now and had to choose one character from the book who would you choose?

I’d choose Mikhail because I want to use him as a human shield and sacrifice him to any monsters. 

3.)Is there a scene from the book that scares you the most?

Is it bad to choose a scene from my own story. 

Being eaten alive by rats is a little too much for me. 

4.)Are there any horror subjects that you’d be hesitant to write about? 

I don’t like writing about animals dying as it makes me feel pretty sad. I also don’t think I could write a straight up splatter punk horror book. I’m not sure if I have a strong enough stomach for all the gore.

5.)Do you have personal fears that influence your work?

Yes. I’m absolutely terrified of the dark, and I have lots of nightmares. 

6.)Who would be an ideal celebrity to play (insert character)

I’m not sure to be honest. I’d need a tough as nails child actor to play Josephine. 

7.) Is there anything more you’d like to share about your character?

Josephine is a little fighter and I think she’s strong for just being a little girl. I think appearances can be deceiving. 

8.) What is your favourite part about writing horror? 

My favourite part about writing horror is it’s a Great Way to explore ones fear in a kind of “safe space” To me it feels a lot like exposure therapy. 

9.) If you were to have a big writing retreat where would be your ideal location to have it?

I would choose a cabin in the middle of Siberia. Where it’s so cold that you wouldn’t want to step foot outside and you’d only write. 

10.) Are you like the character you created in any way? 

Yes I am in the way that I struggle with nightmares. 

11.) If you were going to Lavey house what would you bring?

A big big sword, my own reference material, a fuzzy blanket, and a hazmat suit. 

12.) Are there any specific songs that inspired your writing? 

For this story in particular 

Scared by Three Days Grace 

13.) Would you like to share any final thoughts on the project. 

I just want to say it was an honour to get to be apart of this project with such talented and amazing authors. 

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